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Transflo series Plunger Type Metering Pumps
Metering Pumps ? Standard Design Feature

Transflo Metering Pumps are high precision positive displacement pumps, as per API 675 code. The discharge can be varied from zero to maximum capacity ( 0 ? 100 % ) while pumps are running.

Our pumps with robust design make them an ideal flow control element in chemical process, for the feeding of chemicals with a high degree of accuracy and also under high discharge pressure conditions. The unmatched quality of our pumps offer considerable savings due to minimum maintenance.

Transflo Metering Pumps capacity is almost independent of the discharge pressure.

Plunger Type Metering Pumps are suitable for the accurate dosing and mixing of acids, alkalis, slurries, high quality best replica watches safe transfer of viscous liquids, Pastes, Ointments and all non-hazardous liquids. The valves are cartridge type and can be removed for servicing without dismantling the suction and discharge Connections.

Models Available : Standard, Jacketed Head, High Capacity Head & Remote Head Type.

Diaphragm Type Metering Pumps  are suitable for conditions involving hazardous toxic, radioactive, expensive or poisonous liquid where any product leakage is not acceptable.

The diaphragm is hydraulically actuated. Its function is basically that of a partition. The diaphragm material is usually Teflon. This can be used for extreme duty conditions or when handling slurry. There is no leakage of the process fluid as it is hermetically sealed. A rupture detection system can be provided to detect diaphragm failure in order to prevent the contamination of the metered fluid. The diaphragm has a long life as it is always in hydraulic balance with the liquid being pumped on one side and hydraulic oil on the other side.

Models Available : Single Diaphragm, Double Diaphragm & Sandwich Diaphragm Type.

Both types can be offered in Duplex or Multiple heads for different chemicals with a common motor.
Each head has independent connections and the capacity of each head can also be independently adjustable.

Typical Applications  of our pumps are the accurate dosing and mixing of acids, alkalis and slurries, safe transfer of viscous liquids, Pastes, Ointments, Drum Decanting etc.

Accessories Available  Safety Relief Valve, Pulsation Damper, Strainer

Click here for a quick reference of Transflo Series Metering Pump Models. However pumps can be manufactured to meet specific capacities in terms flow rate and discharge pressures.

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