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Transflo Drum Mixing Pumps
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IDM Stirrers
Transflo Drum Mixing Pumps     Transflo Drum Stirrers    
Transflo Drum Mixers / Stirrers
Transflo Drum Mixing Pumps Transflo Drum Mixing Pumps

Transflo Mixing Pumps are identical in construction except they are supplied with a mixing tube instead of discharge tube. This is ideal for use wherever dispersions or suspensions are used particularly where it is convenient to mix and homogenize such liquids in the course of transferring from Barrel / container to other vessels.

IDM Drum Stirrers IDM Drum Stirrers

Our IDM Drum Stirrers, a light, portable and continuous duty rated allows quick blending without removing the drum lid. The Drum Stirrer Assembly incorporates a threaded stainless steel nipple to allow mounting on the opening of drums.

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