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Transflo Drum Mixers / Stirrers

The mixing of REPLICA IWC PILOT'S fluids within in a closed drum or container is always a difficult task. Our Transflo Mixing Pump is ideal for drum mixing when the contents must be thoroughly mixed before they can be pumped out. This two-stage mixing pump with a removable mixing tube can be quickly replaced with the suction tube for transferring of thoroughly mixed liquids in the drum. Both mixing and pumping can be performed with the same drive unit. All pumps tube sets are interchangeable with any of our drive motors.

Mixing pump is provided with precisely designed perforation in order to achieve a circulation of the liquid in the container and thus enhances mixing.

Our Mixing Pump is useful for blending Liquid - Liquid Medium, Liquid - Solid Medium in Drum & Small Volume Containers. The Draft Tube Agitation principle ensures homogenous mixture in a shorter time


Mixing pump is suitable only for small to medium size containers and barrels.

Its efficiency decreases if powder content in the mixture is more. It can not handle high viscous liquids.

Mixing Pump is not continuous duty rated. It is suitable for intermittent duty and maximum up tp 30 Minutes .

The solution for the above problem is our IDM Series Drum Stirrer.

Transflo Drum Mixers / Stirrers

Transflo Drum Mixers / Stirrers
Working of Mixing Pump
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