Carboy Stlrrer

Carboy Stirrer - Electric & Air / Pneumatic Operated

Salient Features for Closed Carboy Stirrer 

  • Light Weight, Portable Design
  • Foldable propeller with detachable drive motor.
  • Mounting directly on to Carboy Opening

Closed Carboy Stirrer – Electric & Air Operated

Model Name ICS Series
Material of Construction SS 316 Contact Parts
Type of Propeller Flexible Propeller
Power Source Electric or Air Operated

Drive Motors - Electric & Air

  • Motors are Continuous Duty Rated
  • Electric Motors with 0.5 HP / 1400 RPM OR Air Motor with 0.1 HP / 2000 RPM
  • Electric Motor can be supplied with VFD.
  • Stirrer RPM can be regulated by simply throttling the Air Control Valve.

As sparking or fusing is not possible, Air Motor offers explosion protection without involving additional cost for safety precautions.

Electric Operated
Air Operated