Open Barrel / Drum Stlrrer - C Clamp Type

Salient Features for Open Barrel Stirrer -C Clamp Type


  • Stainless Steel C Clamp, Light Weight, Portable Design.
  • Mounted on to Barrel Wall.
  • Type Of Propeller: Flexible or Marine or Cone Propeller.
  • Material of Construction – SS 316 Contact Parts.
  • Suitable for types of Low & High Viscous Liquids
  • Motor HP Depends on Liquid Viscosity

Open Barrel Stirrer - Electric

Drive Motor E Series 

  • Single and Three Phase, TEFC, Non-Flameproof Motors
  • Three Phase, TEFC, Flameproof Motors
  • Standard Speed 960 / 1440 RPM 
  • Motors are Continuous Duty Rated
Model Name IDMC E Series
Power Source Electric / 415 or 220 Volts / 50 Hz
Special Feature VFD can be supplied
Motor Power Up to 3.0 HP
Open Barrel Stirrer - C Clamp Type

Open Barrel Stirrer - Air / Pneumatic Operated

Drive Motors – A Series  

  • Vane and Piston Air Motors, Continuous Duty Rated
  • Direct Free Speed from 700 RPM to 2500 RPM
  • Stirrer RPM can be regulated by simply throttling the Air Control Valve.
Model Name IDMC A Series
Compressed Air Details Pneumatic / 3 - 6 Bar / PU 10 MM Hose/td>
Horse Power Rating 0.3 HP to 4.0 HP

As sparking or fusing is not possible, Air Motor offers explosion protection without involving additional cost for safety precautions.

Open Barrel Stirrer - C Clamp Type AV Series