• SAMOA Directflo, a new generation AODD Pumps with CENTRAL FLOW PATH Design, no vibrations.
  • Directflo AODD Pumps are inside out pumps, the fluid is pumped through the centre and compressed air acts on the outside face of the diaphragms.
  • Frictionless Pivoting Valve with a new design that makes pump installation easier. The valve has proven to be a reliable mechanism in larger pump. It is a less expensive valve to produce than any spool type valve. No problems due to ice formation.
  • No special maintenance required.
  • It can work with practically any kind of air – dry, oily, dirty.
  • Allows working at very high cycle rates with no wear.
  • End of stroke sensors are an evolution of previous design for improved reliability.
  • All models are ATEX Approved / Conductive Type also.
  • Single Piece Bonded Diaphragm design.
  • Less pressure-drop, Low Air Consumption. Less pulsation compared to conventional AODD Pump.
  • No Need to dismantle the pump from pipe line for Maintenance.
  • Short strokes to minimize diaphragm deformation & reduce strain.
  • No LIP SEAL, No Rings located above the fluid path.
  • (Conversion Factor 1 CFM = 0.622 NM3 / Hr )