Industrial Stirrer

Stirring of Chemical Raw Materials, Flavours, Liquid Soaps, Fragrances, Pharmaceutical Formulations, Syrups, Coating Solutions, Resins, Petrochemicals, Polyol where sedimentation occurs due to specific gravity variation of ingredients is a difficult task.

Stirrer is ideal for mixing when the contents must be thoroughly mixed. The various types of propellers mainly Marine, Cone, Hydrofoil and Helical type for open container is being used for required process conditions.

Homogenising / Emulsifying is ideal for Cowles Blade with High-Speed Motor.

The limitation being the Closed Drum Small Bung Opening. Drum Stirrer with Flexible Propeller with detachable Motor, is ideal for drum mixing when the contents must be thoroughly mixed before they can be pumped out. The propeller diameter of conventional stirrer is too big to be inserted through a bung opening which forces the user to opt for either manual stirring or cut open the barrel to enable the conventional stirrer to be inserted, which makes it cumbersome and time consuming.

No “dead spots” or settled out material is ensured regardless of viscosity or solid content.

Selection of Proper Stirrer

Below sketch illustrates optimal mixing positions for vertical clamp mount, propeller type mixers. Tank baffles are usually not required (A &B). When liquid depth is approx. equal to tank diameter, single propeller can be used (C). When liquid depth is 1.5x tank diameter, or when mixing thick, or thixotropic materials, dual propellers should be used (D).